Monday, August 26, 2013

Change of direction

Blogging is interesting. I have no idea if anyone is reading this or not. But I think when doing a blog, one needs to ignore that entirely and write as if the whole world is reading.

I came to a conclusion a couple of days ago. And I remembered some of the reasons why I backed away from messing with various operating systems (primarily Linux) a number of years ago.

I don't have OCD. But I do have tendencies that lean in that direction. As a career computer programmer, that attention to detail and anal retentiveness has served me well. But when it comes to setting up operating systems and software on my personal computer with an infinite number of working scenarios... it tends to really aggravate the whole OCD thing.

Basically, it's much better for me to just set things up and leave them alone. Ok, not as much fun... but in the long run it's best. What I really enjoy most about computers is setting them up. Way more than actually using them... the configuration and setup is the part I really like. Getting it all just perfect.

At any rate... my conclusion was... as much fun as messing with Linux is... it's all just pretty much a waste of time. Reformat, reinstall... configure, repeat. I do learn a lot along the way. But to what use? What difference does it make that I know how to make my terminal screen startup at a certain size? Or that I know how to do that with four different types of terminals?

Linux may be superior to Windows in a lot of ways. But Windows is way better when it comes to things just working out of the box. So at some point it makes sense to stifle whatever idealism and/or curiosity makes me want to run Linux and just go with something that does the job and requires far less time and energy.

So I ended up taking both my desktop machine and my laptop and restoring them to factory setups. So now they're both happily running Windows and I can once again sleep at night and have time for my wife.

I think I will continue this blog. I did rename it. And it will now be about my general technology adventures rather than focusing on Linux.

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