Friday, November 15, 2013

Giving KDE a whirl

In my last blog entry about choosing a Linux distribution, I mentioned favoring the Xfce desktop environment. I mentioned ruling out Suse because it was crashing upon initial configuration. And I mentioned that I hadn't really given KDE a try.

Well... since that time, I was able to get past the Suse instability and install a couple of different flavors of that. And I've tried Kubuntu, Suse w/KDE, and Fedora's KDE spin. I also got a little tired of having 6 different installations of Linux. So I decided to settle on just one.

For now it's Fedora with KDE. I've condensed my partitions and that's what I'm running. So far so good. Everything works except for my scanner. Which is no problem since I can access that via my Windows 7 VM.

I'm leaving the door open to going with Suse in the near future. They are about to release their next version. And they are a distribution that seems to lean toward KDE as their default choice. So it makes sense that someone wanting KDE might choose Suse.

My current choice of KDE is a little strange. Because KDE is about as heavy as it gets when it comes to desktop environments. And because so far one of my favorite distributions of all has been Crunchbang which uses the extremely lightweight and barebones Openbox window manager with no DE at all! So I am torn between the two extremes. Typical.

In other boring news... I ordered two new hard drives.

I'm using an old spare 160GB HD in my laptop running Windows 8. I pulled my 128GB SSD and put that in because having only 12GB free space is a little too tight for my taste. In thinking about replacing the drive... I could have gone with a new 250GB SSD for about $180. Or I could get a 750GB 7200RPM HD for $73. I went for the 750GB drive. Space over speed.

The second drive is a "green" WD 3TB drive for my external Lacie enclosure. I have two of these enclosures. They are pretty spiffy looking. Although buying a drive with an enclosure was almost cheaper than buying just the drive... I went ahead and did the drive anyway.

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